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7 Reasons Why You Failed in Network Marketing

1. You don’t need big money to get started in network marketing. In my case, I started with Rs. 400 to be a Modicare Consultant. Most people failed in network marketing or quit because they treated their business for what it costs, not for the opportunity it represents.
To me, my business is not a Rs. 400 venture. It’s my Rs. 1 crore business. That’s the opportunity it represents. It’s no different than investing in real estate or stock market. You invest because of the potential and the opportunity.
2. Unrealistic Expectation
You joined network marketing hoping you will be rich in no time. It’s true network marketing can be a vehicle for anyone to realize their financial dream. But the same applies to any other business. You invested 4 years of your time to get a college degree and inherited debt along the way. Why? Because you invested in yourself. With better education comes better opportunity. So why should it be any different with Network Marketing? Network marketing is not a miracle or a wonder business. It doesn’t make you rich simply by being a part of it.
3. Lack of Focus
You spent too much time doing unnecessary things like administrative works related to your business. When you want to build your network marketing business, you should be spending most of your time growing it. Any other works will only take time away from you building your business and get your closer to your goals.
4. Poor Execution
Just because you are doing it, doesn’t mean you are “DOING” it. You need to execute your strategy flawlessly. For example, house Meeting is a great way to promote the product and the opportunity. But don’t setup your meeting on a time where it’s difficult for people to attend it. Or don’t host a meeting in a house if you expect 30 people are going to show up.
5. Confusing Strategy
Network marketing is a business of duplication and replication. To do it successfully, you need a duplicatable strategy. If your distributors can’t replicate what you do, your business will be a one-person effort instead of a team effort. A lot of people are guilty of over-analyzing.
I tried to do something that might work better for me, but not necessarily for everyone else. I tried to reinvent the wheel. Bad idea. Think about it. A proven system that has worked for so many people vs my own unproven system. It seems like a no-brainer but hey, we all make mistakes. I am glad I caught it early.
6. Unwilling To Do the Uncomfortable
If you are not doing something uncomfortable, you are not doing it right. If calling someone is uncomfortable, that’s exactly what you should be doing. If talking to someone about your opportunity is uncomfortable, you should do it even more. People refuse to do the uncomfortable because it takes them out of their comfort zone. Comfort zone is over-rated. It kills one’s desire to grow and innovate.
7. Lack of Conviction
When you get into network marketing, you can’t do it half-heartedly. It doesn’t mean you have to do it full-time or spend all the free time you have on it. It means you can’t second-guess your decision whether it’s the right business for you. The second-guessing work should have been done beforehand. Once you decide to do it, you should put your heart and soul to it. Do it with passion.
Person who show a lack of conviction in doing what they do will crack the moment someone question them their motivation and objective of doing what it is they do.

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How Does Network Marketing Work?

You do not see them but they are everywhere, some probably right in your own neighborhood. It is a business in which common people can invest a small sum of money and rise to staggering levels of financial reward and personal freedom.
In Network Marketing we help and assist others in building their business. We are also leveraging their time, with each of us is gathering customers along the way.
One of the important things to remember is, you are in a real business, you no longer have a boss holding you accountable. Your network marketing success or failure is dependent upon you and your actions.
Your primary task will be to gathering customers for your products or services. To help and assist others get started in their own business partnered with you. You are looking at a business model that will take 3 to 5 years to produce the kind of results you’re looking for. So don’t give up your day job just yet. It will require 5 to 20 hours of consistent time and effort each week to build a successful Network Marketing Business. It will require a marketing budget, most people do not even consider this.
Network marketing is based on word of mouth advertising which is the most effective form of advertising. Think about it when you go out, watch a great movie, you will go out and tell people about it.
One of the most often asked questions is, will I have to sell products and services? The answer is of course yes.
So how are we as a network marketer different? We recommend products or services that we like and personally use. If we know it’s good and personally use it, recommending it to our friends and family is very easy.



Network Marketing

  • How did network marketing start?
    Network marketing has been around for nearly fifty years. It started in the US, and the first major modern network marketing business was formed in 1959. This company was created by business partners Rich DeVos and Jay VanAndel, originally with just one single product and a new and unique business vision. They regarded conventional sales jobs as unfair – being paid only once for the work that they did even when the company continued to make a profit from their labours for many years afterwards. They believed that they should be paid relative to the benefit the company continued to get from their original work. The only problem with this was that no company would sanction their model of business, and the extra costs of paying the salesmen on an ongoing basis would have pushed the price of the products far too high to be saleable.So DeVos and VanAndel broke away and formed their own company, returning a few years later with enough money to buy out their original employers and incorporate the vitamin business into their growing corporation. Their company is now a multi-billion dollar business operating in virtually every developed country in the world. Within a few short years, many more companies followed in their footsteps and now network marketing is responsible for a turnover of tens of billions of dollars in the US alone.

  • Is network marketing legal?
    Network marketing is absolutely legal, and is governed by strict regulations in most countries. However, be aware that some companies masquerade as network marketing companies whilst failing to conform to the required regulations.In most countries, the network marketing industry is regulated by the Direct Selling Association. There is lots more information on their website regarding regulations and legal issues. They charge hefty fees for membership, so it is certainly possible that a legitimate network marketing company might not be a member of the DSA.

  • What Is Network Marketing?

    The simplest explanation of network marketing is that it is a method of marketing that utilizes independent representatives to reach potential customers that a company otherwise would not reach with traditional online or offline marketing methods.
    In order to accomplish this, network marketing companies and their associates recruit individuals I.E. “their sales force,” just like other companies and franchises, have done for years, take for example the insurance industry.
    It is extremely important to understand that this method of marketing is not about bugging your friends and family members, as many would love for you to believe.
    It is about your ability and skill to determine from those individuals within your circle of influence who would be interested in the products or services that your company has to offer…
    If you want to call your own shots in life, if you’re willing to get the education you will need to run a small business, if you enjoy working with people, then network marketing just might be right kind of business for you.
    If on the other hand, you’re only in it for the money or you just don’t like dealing with people well then…
    … You’ll most likely end up failing

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    Modicare was established by the K.K. Modi group of Companies in 1996. Modicare is a member of IDSA – Indian Direct Selling Association, an association of companies that sell products and services through direct selling.

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