Friday, November 7, 2014

4 warning signs you should not take up that job

There will be times when the hiring manager is desperate to offer you a job because the organisation needs an urgent replacement.
The remuneration will be tempting and so also the perks offered along with the job.

Role mismatch

Nine out of 10 times the hiring manager tries to explain your job roles and responsibilities.
However if you find a mismatch in the definition of the role you've been assigned or if the recruiter is unable to give you a clear picture of the job description and growth, treat it as a warning sign.


More often than not, employees quit organisations because of excessive workload and stress.
See to it that you’re not replacing someone like that.
Evaluate the job role and ask yourself: Are you going to be stuck here or are you going to enjoy this role?

Compensation and benefits

In the excitement to take up a new job in a huge company, most employees disregard the importance of discussing their compensation and benefits.
Does the company provide you medical insurance?
Is it term insurance or group insurance?
Do you get cashless benefits or a consolidated amount?
If the company is not willing to discuss these and other details of compensation with you, treat it as red flag.

Appraisal structure

When was the last time the company appraised its employees?
Is it annual, quarterly or takes place every few years? Or is it indefinite?
Let’s admit it, all employees look forward to being promoted and appraised for their work.
If the organisation doesn't share these crucial details with you, you might end up getting stuck in the wrong place.
The idea is to research the offer and consider the pros and cons of the offer being made.

If you don’t feel too confident about taking up the new responsibility, it's okay to turn it down and apply for a job that best meets your requirements.