Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 signs to know it's time to quit your job

Here is a rough estimation of the time that a full time working professional spends at work.

Regular work hours: 8
Travel to and fro from work: 1
Sleep: 7
Time towards work as a percentage of time we are awake: 9/17 = 53 percent at least

1. When you stop learning in the current role

More of the same thing is not growth necessarily. Ten years of experience of the same work, without improving skills is not necessarily 10 years of experience; it could be 1x10 or 2x5 years of experience.

2. When the role is not of your choice

You work as a programmer but your passion is training. Whether you perform well or not in the former, I suggest that you get out of it and make a transition to the latter. It is important that we do work that we are passionate about so that we enjoy it.

3. When you feel that you are not the right fit for the profile

This is a situation when you feel that you are not able to produce results as good as you could. It means that you are not at your best in this role.

4. You feel underpaid

We should charge what we deserve. If you feel that you are grossly underpaid, move to a different profile. We should charge what we deserve. If you feel that you are grossly underpaid, move to a different profile.

5. The company offers no extra training or learning opportunities

If the organisation does not facilitate learning new skills, you may want to evaluate whether you want to continue working there.

6. No clear career path

If the role or organisation has no clear plans for you, please switch jobs. It is YOUR career and you should know the next possible options for you.

7. Always doing the mundane job

Are you in the team, who always gets the mundane work while you have the capability to do better work? 
Remember, that everyone needs to do regular transactional work but if it is only mundane work, then you should look at alternatives.

8. It is impacting your personal life

The boundary between professional and personal life has dimmed significantly. In all fairness, everyone gets 24 hours a day. We need to decide what our priorities are and spend this time accordingly. If you happen to be in a job that is sabotaging your personal life (after you have tried all other options), it is probably time to move on. Of course, the assumption here is that you want a life outside work as well. It is another matter when all that you want to do is work.

9. When you feel the lack of respect

Without being excessively sensitive, if you feel that you are not being respected as an individual, please take the exit. No matter what work we do and at what level in the hierarchy, we all deserve to be treated with respect.

10. Are you excited to go to work?

The final question that you should ask yourself is: do you look forward to go to work every day or is it just a drudgery that you go through? If it is just a routine, then there is definitely something amiss.

Don't burn bridges

Remember to leave amicably. Many times people in their hurry or excitement to join a new job burn bridges and leave on a bad note. Don't do this; the world is really small. Don't just disappear; handover your responsibilities properly and leave with dignity. Else, before you join the new workplace, your reputation might precede you.
The final point to consider: It is not just the organisation's responsibility to keep us actively engaged in the job; a lot depends on us as well. Therefore, before setting out to look for opportunities outside the organisation, do an honest self-evaluation.

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